Трябва да знаете за Специални инструменти от Специални инструменти производител, доставчик, търговец на едро, дистрибутор и фабрика
Frenway Products Inc. е един от световните производители, доставчици и износители Специални инструменти, С една фабрика в Taiwan. С дългогодишен опит в линията на вземане, ние сме известни за изключителна производителност в индустрията. Ние сме помогнали като един от водеща марка в Taiwan. Ние непрекъснато обновяваме нашите продукти да отговарят на международните стандарти. Ние държим на екип от професионалисти, които предоставя по срочните доставки с високо quality.Our, искреност и упорита работа ни помогна да съответства на нашето качество с международните стандарти.


AmPro…derived from the statement, “I Am Professional.”

Our Roots

Founded in 1984, what started in the garage as favor for a friend has now emerged into a global tool company. AmPro Tools was built upon the aspiration to create and provide unrivaled first-class products that constantly set the standard in innovation, quality, and performance to meet the needs and dreams of professional mechanics, builders, technicians and enthusiasts across a wide range of fields and applications. As a result, the AmPro brand, the product of our unwavering commitment to excellence, was born.


We are established in Taiwan and China. In Taiwan, under company name, Frenway Products, our office is in downtown Taipei while our 3,400 square meters plant in Taichung country is now under construction to expand to over 7,400 square meters.
In Shanghai, China, under company name, Marketing Trends Industries our 2,500 square meters office is near the Pudong International Airport. In Feng Xian district, our plant, Shanghai Hong Hui Tools, is a 50-acre lot now housing a 14,000 square meters plant. We are now under construction adding another 28,000 square meters plant to increase our manufacturing capabilities and production capacity.
Our secondary 25-acre manufacturing plant, LBT Electronics, is in Ningbo province. We customize and manufacture LED Lighting which include Flashlights, Worklights, Headlights, Rechargeable Devices & Electronics.

Global Reach

Today, with over 37+ years of experience, AmPro Tools has established itself as the international leader in providing top quality products and reliable services. Serving over 80 countries worldwide including the United States, Europe, Middle East, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Africa and Russia, our comprehensive product line has grown to include hand tools, automotive specialty tools, pneumatic tools and accessories, power tools & equipment, tool storage, LED lighting tools, gadgets and more.

Comprehensive Product Line

To meet the different and changing needs of businesses and project requirements throughout various trades, we offer a diverse and extensive range of products that truly enable the “right tool for the job”. Each product is the result of optimum task-centric design, full-cycle product development, streamlined manufacturing, stringent quality assurance and control to guarantee that our products meet the highest standards.

Pioneering Innovation

In this day and age, breakthroughs in technology and know-how across various sectors are advancing at an extraordinary rate. This phenomenon has presented tremendous opportunity for our R&D teams, which have enabled us to consistently develop newer, better, higher quality, industry-specific tools that have propelled performance and productivity to new heights.

Championed ODM and OEM Services

Aside from providing our own brand of products, we also perform ODM and OEMs services for many businesses worldwide. We have built long-standing relationships with our customers and guarantee your satisfaction, as our product development team assures the fulfillment of your company’s desired specifications. Today, many of our customers depend on our performance and quality of service in providing their patent designs.

Tailored Full-Service Programs

Recognized not only for the superior quality of our products, we offer reliable service programs. We have equipped many of our customers, including manufacturers and importers across the globe, with programs that are specific to their needs and preferences. Our programs include custom packaging, attractive artwork for outstanding product marketability, and successful board plan-o-grams.

We’re All About You

Backed by decades of experience and expertise in the automotive and hardware/construction industry, AmPro Tools has become internationally acclaimed as a symbol of quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction. We value each customer and believe in long-standing relationships. We look forward to providing solutions to help your business achieve its goals.

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Специални инструменти

с международните стандарти. Според различните видове изисквания на производство, ние предлагаме перфектни услуги за вас.